Virtual Viewing Master Class Upgrade

Ready to “turbo charge” your viewing skills?


Want to see the optimal outcomes for your own life, know more about the inner workings of your mind, sharpen your thinking, and make your intuition even better?

Discover a wealth of your own abilities that you didn’t even know that you had, and now I’ll walk you through it step by step. And that’s just the beginning . . .

What I decided to do is offer the best remote viewing online training class I’ve ever put together. And I’m not just talking about remote viewing of physical locations – I’m talking about remote viewing of your own life, in the future, and selecting the best outcomes. This course contains EVERYTHING you need to do from the very beginning to the most advanced viewing, taken from top-secret military programs starting in 1972 and other sources.

I’ve decided to make this available at a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT  to folks who have taken Virtual Viewing Insight 2 so that you can accelerate your progress in this once top-secret technology.

Here’s are benefits you’ll get from participating:

    • Everything you need to tap into your natural “super mind”
    • Learn to do things you didn’t even know you could do such as picking the best traffic routes to avoid jams
    • Influence your future using previously top-secret video diagramming technology (video 41)
    • Laser focus your new found remote viewing skills with hand-picked practice targets
    • Becoming a “psychic detective” for your own mind (video 2)
    • Activate neural networks in your brain to increase your intelligence
    • See the Eiffel Tower remotely
    • Secret Intelligence Agency map dowsing methods for locating missing people, missing pets, and secret weapon systems (video 33)
    • Bootstrapping your own way to higher consciousness to learn more your true hidden powers (video 40)
    • Learn how to activate your inner health resources (video 46)
    • Learn how to find your missing objects like your car keys (video 42)
    • Increase the odds of predicting the outcome of football games, horse races, and commodities markets
    • Tap into the quantum matrix to turbocharge your relationships
    • Read ambiance to get the deeper subtext of business meetings (video 30)
    • Learn to view your future to select the best possible outcome (videos 45 and 47)
    • Learn to view distant people, places, monuments, and events
    • Learn to move your mind around in time to view historical events and future history
    • IMPORTANT–Learn when to use remote viewing and when it will back-fire on you! (teleconference Q & A)
    • See the interior of the Earth to view archeological ruins and buried treasure
    • Bonuses including my Opening Minds  audio book plus Planetary Intelligence eBooks
    • The Aural Resonance “space-conditioning” sound to make any room feel harmonious and abundant!
    • Learn how to turn any failure into a stunning success!
    • Get my “top secret” email address–immediate answers to your questions
    • Learn how to magnetize money with “resonant visualization”
    • 30 Day money-back guarantee and you get keep to whole course plus the bonuses!
    • Learn the best uses of “remote influencing” and when it can come back to bite you in the ass
    • 1/2 hour free consultation with Dr. Hein by Skype or phone!

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