What is Hyper Intuition Training?

Are You Ready to Achieve Your Full Mental and Personal Potential?

This 5-week Live Training Program with Dr. Simeon Hein is designed to let you tap more of your intelligence and creative potential and get access the most intuitive bandwidth you can. I’ll show you how to access more of your natural super mind including:

  • how to perceive and describe non-local sensory and dimensional information
  • how to draw pictures of remote places, people, and events
  • how to access information from “distant” sources using techniques originally created by legendary viewer Ingo Swann
  • weekly live group practice target on Ustream and teleconference line
  • weekly live feedback on your work directly from Simeon
  • small class size–space is limited to ten people only!
  • complete risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee